May 25, 2022
General light for bathroom with small cost

How to Light Up Your Bathroom with Small Cost – Two types of lighting must coexist in the bathroom. On the one hand, general lighting and on the other hand more specific lighting, which supports the first only when we need it, to be able to carry out hygiene and personal care tasks in a thorough way.

The Lighting in the Bathroom

The lighting in the bathroom, due to the characteristics of the room, implies certain safety requirements such as taking into account the IP degree. By IP we understand the Protection Index of a luminaire. The number always consists of two digits.

The first of them refers to the level of protection offered by the luminaire against dust and intrusions of solid bodies and the second digit refers to the level of protection of that luminaire against the intrusion of liquids. In the case of the first digit, the values ​​range from 0 to 6, with 6 being the highest protection value.

In the case of the digit that informs us of the protection of liquids, the values ​​range from 0 to 8, with 8 being the value that allows a luminaire to be submerged, for example, in water.

General light

Good general lighting is important for the bathroom to be comfortable and breathe a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The most advisable and practical thing is to install recessed luminaires in the ceiling, although surface luminaires (ceiling) are also a correction light.

Halogen bulbs produce a light that is very similar to natural light, but among their drawbacks is that they generate a lot of heat and their consumption is high. Today, in the market, we already have halogen replacement LED lamps with the same color rendering and color temperature, which makes them the perfect light source to illuminate our bathrooms.

In this case, depending on the proximity of the luminaire to the bathroom area, we recommend a minimum IP of IP44 in this way, we guarantee that steam does not enter the luminaire with the consequent danger.

Mirror Zone Lighting

Mirror Zone Lighting For Bathroom Ideas

One of the most important areas in the bathroom is the mirror area; It is the area of ​​the bathroom in which jobs are carried out that require greater accuracy and for that reason, it is important to have uniform lighting that does not generate shadows or reflections. To avoid this type of problem we propose several so light ions:

The first solution would be to place recessed ceiling lighting. In this case, the built-in must be placed over the sink (Fig. 2); and not on us (Fig. 1) because our own body would be generating its own shadow and making it difficult to see well in the mirror.

Another solution is to place a front light fixture; either on the mirror or both sides of the mirror; known as a dressing room light. This type of wall lamp would cancel out any type of shadow that the ceiling light could generate. (Fig. 3)

In this area of ​​the bathroom, it is advisable to use luminaires with an IP44, because despite being an area that is not directly exposed to water, we must anticipate that the steam from the shower can reach said luminaire.

Bath or shower area Lighting

Bath or shower area Lighting Design Ideas

Generally, the bath or shower area is usually the area that is least illuminated in the bathroom. If you want functional lighting, the best ion light is a special recessed spotlight for wet areas.

In this case, low voltage equipment (12v) and watertight structure are always required. The protection that the luminaire must-have in this area is an IP or protection index of 67, which guarantees total protection against splashing water. In this way, we can shower and bathe with complete peace of mind and without any danger.

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