May 25, 2022
Lighting a Furnace Pilot Light Looks Goes Out
If your pilot light continues to go out, it may be that it isn't able to get enough fuel to sustain itself.

Lighting a furnace pilot light can be a hard thing to do for some homeowners. When your pilot light is not relight, it indicates a problem.

Knowing how to relight the pilot light is a skill. Every homeowner should have. It will help us someday.

If something happens to your furnace, check out the pilot light.

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Old furnace pilot lights usually use natural gas. It produces heat. You will need this in fall and winter to make your room warmer.

What if the pilot light goes out? It indicates something wrong with the furnace. Some causes that may happen are;

Air Flow Issues

Air Flow Issues
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A small gust of air can blow out your pilot light. It can happen because of the strong wind, or your furnace duck is leaking air.

Call a professional to finish this problem. You can’t do it alone if you don’t have the skill. This process can be so harmful to you.

Lighting a Furnace Pilot Light : The Gass is Off

The Gass is Off
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To stay aflame, your pilot light needs natural gas. When it has shut off, the pilot light will go out.

Just relight the pilot light, or you can call a professional to repair it.

Your Furnace Needs a Cleaning

It can be caused by dirt buildup around the pilot light too. When the pilot light gets a malfunctioning thermocouple, it can go out.

Clean your furnace before using it. A dirty pilot light will affect the quality of your furnace.

Thermocouple Is Either Loose Or Faulty

Thermocouple Is Either Loose Or Faulty
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Have you checked all the possibilities before? If your pilot light still goes out, see the thermocouple.

It can be loos or faulty. You can make it tightened or replace the old thermocouple with the new one.

Temporary Gas Shortage

Temporary Gas Shortage
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Pilot lights run with natural gas. High natural gas will stress the supply. Then, it will only leave a little less gas to go around.

The pilot light will go out if the gas supply is not enough. Call a professional to help you if you can relight it by yourself.

How to Check Pilot Light On Furnace?

How to Check Pilot Light On Furnace?
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If you can’t restart your pilot light, it will be better to call a professional. But, you can do the following simple steps.

• Turn off your furnace. It will keep you and your house safe.

• Locate your gas valve in the “pilot” position.

• Hold down the red button. It will prevent the gas pushes to the pilot light.

• Light the pilot light. Keep the red button pushed down and hold it down for sixty seconds.

• Carefully, let the button go off. Then, it will stay lit.

• Turn the gas valve to “on”. Then, turn back the furnace.

So, how? Does your furnace work well again? If there is a problem when trying to relight the pilot light, call the professional soon.

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These instructions also work for Honeywell Lighting a furnace pilot light or York furnace pilot light.

You might find a little bit different parts, but overall they are the same. If you have the skills, you may look for the carrier furnace pilot light too.

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