May 25, 2022
Omaha Christmas Lighting Displays to Get Into the Holiday Spirit
The Old Market welcomes everyone to our grand yuletide of bright lights and unmatched revelry.

Omaha Christmas lighting displays more lights. The Christmas Day isn’t only about Santa. We will see more ornaments.

Christmas looks more interesting in Omaha than in other places. It seems like we get a new life here.

This annual tradition is one of the ways to heal your soul and make you feel better. If you want to look for places with Christmas lights, find them in Omaha.

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Check out Omaha Christmas lighting displays in the list below! You might find the best place to share happiness with your spouse.

Omaha Christmas Lighting : Old Market Lighting Display

the downtown lighting displays along with the Old Market.
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Anyone loves to see Christmas lights in Omaha. There are various colors and types of string lights along the roads.

Omaha is the place where you will see the happiness of Christmas Day. We will adore the downtown lighting displays along with the Old Market.

Feel free to take some pictures with your family in this area. Then, don’t forget to ask them to come to this gorgeous place.

Midtown Omaha Christmas Lights

Midtown Omaha Christmas Lights
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You will find more Omaha Christmas Lighting in Midtown. Enjoy everything of Season of Lights in Turner Park.

In this place, you can see colorful lights until February. Ask your friends and family to come to this area.

They will adore the atmosphere, happiness, and everything around Midtown. It will be one of the best moments ever.

Linden Estates Christmas Lights

Linden Estates Christmas Lights
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Several homes show beautiful lights in Linden Estate. If you want to see a neighborhood with Christmas lights, come here .

It seems like visiting a festival next door. What an awesome place! Take more pictures of Christmas lights here and share them with your friends from all over world.

Let them see how wonderful Linden Estate Christmas Lights are.

Village Pointe Shopping Center

Christmas Light Village Pointe Shooping Center
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It is one of the best Christmas lights in Omaha that is unforgettable. Create a great moment here with your family.

The lighst are not only in the indoor area, but also outdoor. The shopping mall with more Christmas lights is here for you.

Ask your kids and friends to see this place. This place usually shows a brightly-lit Christmas tree. It seems we are going beyond the universe.

Phillips Family Christmas

Philips Family Christmas Lights
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Starting from 5 p.m to 10.30 p.m, you can see Omaha Christmas lights from Sunday to Thursday.

The location of Philips Family Christmas lights is 8406 N. 47th St. You can hear music in this place while riding your car.

It seems like healing your soul after facing some problems for a long time. Enjoy everything here and let yourself get calm.

Santa’s Rock N Lights

Santa’s Rock N Lights
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Welcome to the place to heal your soul. From November to January, you will see Omaha Christmas lights drive-through.

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It is just a perfect way to celebrate Christmas Day. This wonderland located in Werner Park. Have fun here with massive light and mind-blowing sculptures.

Enjoy the light tune and music displays all the time. Only limited vehicles are allowed to come to this place every night. Get your ticket soon and enjoy the festival.

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