May 25, 2022
Lighting Meaning, Film, And Everything In Between
Lighting is a quintessential part of filmmaking in visually setting the mood and atmosphere of a film, which oftentimes define the genre of the film. It’s a powerful tool that can direct the audience’s eye to a part of a scene, a specific actor or prop and even reflect the emotions and personality of a character.

Are you looking for lighting meaning in a special term like film or cinematography? First of all, we need to search the lighting definition literature.

Film lighting means the quality, direction, source, or color of light. A good film comes from good lighting.

You might be questioning what good lighting means or what lighting meaning in films refers to.

To get the right answer, we have to know how lighting affects the quality of a film.

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In this article, we will talk about film lighting techniques that every filmmaker should know. Check out further below!

Natural Lighting

Lighting Meaning Natural Lighting
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Utilizing natural light to make a film is a great decision. However, it is not as simple as you think.

First of all, you need to choose the right place, time, and condition to get the best natural lighting for your project.

Natural lighting meaning refers to how you use natural light for your film. So, it will get the best picture to record.

Then, think over other lights to complete the picture if needed.

Lighting Meaning : Key Lighting

Lighting Meaning Key Lighting
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In making a film, we will pay attention to the actor or actress. At this section, we use primary light sources.

In this technique, avoid placing the key light near the camera because it will create a flat or featureless picture in your recording.

This simple technique is basic knowledge for a filmmaker or cinematographer. If you want to make a dramatic mood, place the key light behind the subject.

In this term, it will be better for you to use a three-point lighting setup.

High Key Lighting

High Key Lighting
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Filmmakers should adjust the tone and mood of a scene to create a high-quality picture. And, it uses a high-key lighting meaning technique.

To create a great picture for film, photography, or film, we should reduce the lighting ratio. It creates a good result.

Dominate by white tones and reduce blacks and mid-range tones. These will give us a high-quality picture.

Low Key Lighting

Low Key Lighting
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What about low-key lighting? Making a film needs skills and techniques. Low key lighting meaning in film means using hard sources to encase a scene with shadow.

It deals with contrast and blackness. It will give spooky or dark shades to the picture. This technique is usually applied in noir, mystery, horror, or thriller scenes.

Hopefully, the viewers will feel scared or at least wrought up.

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Lighting Meaning : Fill Lighting

Fill Lighting For Film Lighting
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It deals with filling in the shadow with light. When we see a dark scene, some parts can be seen.

For example the actor’s face or body, a certain important object, or other things that become the key feature of a scene.

Fill lighting is done by the key light. This technique is to show the main point of a scene as well.

We have talked about lighting meaning in a film. So, what about lighting meaning in photography? Overall, lighting techniques are similar.

Whether for film or photography, we will use natural light, high key light, low key light, fill light, and other techniques to get a pretty great picture. So, everyone will enjoy watching the film.

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